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Ageless Legacy

by Ammanas

I’ve been lost For a thousand years Rotting from What kind of life I live I’ve fallen from your hold Your colors lie I’m still waiting For this pain Would you be there I’m forever The truth is buried In the blood I needed you more You’re left with me Hold on to what we need My heart can’t take anymore Could you be anymore right Why I was poisoned But now I’m lost And we’re too tired And I’m out I once was everything I wanted every cursed thing
Through the veils of forgotten time An echo stirs the ancient pine Beneath the skies, an eerie chime Where stars no longer dare to shine In the deep, where silence dwells Lost are the tales no tongue tells Mountains grieve their fallen grace Shadows cloak the emptiness of space Draped in the sorrow of the earth We are the children of a cursed birth Whispers of the ageless calling In the wind, we hear the fallen Wolves howl to the crescent moon Their song weaves a chilling tune As night descends with a frosty bane The land succumbs to a silent reign
Through woods that sleep with secrets old The mists of fate begin to fold Lake's reflection tells no lies In its depths, a truth belies Hear the cries of the ageless In their sighs, a hidden distress Cold is the grip of eternity's hand On this forsaken, withering land Draped in the sorrow of the earth We are the children of a cursed birth Whispers of the ageless calling In the wind, we hear the fallen As the firmament cracks, the end draws nigh Spirits of old, through the night they fly In the dance shadows embrace We culminate in a timeless grace


In the gathering twilight, a symphony stirs within the slumbering forest. Ageless trees whisper to the skies as mountains witness to eternity. From the heart of this primordial panorama, a sonic odyssey emerges — Ageless Legacy.

Prepare to embark on a journey through sound where the grandeur of epic atmospheric black metal meets the untamed spirit of the natural world. Feel the pulse of ancient earth, the howling winds, the resolute silence of the woods, the towering might of the mountains — all crafted into an immersive musical experience.

Ageless Legacy is not just an album; it's a portal to landscapes both ferocious and serene, a tapestry of melodic riffs, thunderous drums, and vocals as raw as nature's unfettered heart. Each track is a chapter, an ode to the elements — a legacy written in the language of the ageless.

As dusk gives way to the dominion of stars, the time is near. Brace yourself for an epic voyage into the domain where metal and earth converge. Ageless Legacy — where your primal essence will be awakened by the relentless power of the majestic and the melancholic.

Dare to delve into the ancient echoes of a world where myth and reality intertwine. The album awaits — a tribute to the indomitable force of nature's everlasting legacy.

Perhaps this music will appeal more to those who are familiar with the work of Summoning and Caladan Brood


released April 5, 2024

Ammanas - Ageless Legacy

Main line-up
Ammanas - All instruments
Mikal Fatale - Vocal

Produced by Andrey Chevelev
Recorded in 2023 November - 2024 March on DF Studio

Andrey Chevelev


all rights reserved


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